Hello, I'm Krystine ErnestI am a certified personal trainer, certified group fitness instructor, certified nutritional coach, corrective exercise specialist and pre & postnatal core expert and founder of Krystine Ernest Fitness.



My Story

I thought I’d share a little about who I am and what I do!
I’m married to Ethan and we have 3 beautiful children together!
I was on my high school competitive dance team and took private group dance classes since middle school and love movement and the study of the body.
I’ve been training women to feel strong and confident in their bodies since 2012.
I am a certified personal trainer, certified group fitness instructor, certified nutritional coach, corrective exercise specialist and pre & postnatal core expert and have owned my fitness business for almost 10 years now. I have taught all kinds of in-person classes: Zumba, Piyo, Yoga, Tabata, Pilates, Strength and Conditioning class and a Core/Pelvic Floor recovery program. I continue to see 1:1 in-person personal training clients tailored to their goals whether it is weight loss, toning, increasing energy, over all strength and conditioning, healing diastasis recti, pelvic floor strength, increasing confidence and loving their bodies again.
I love helping women in the health and fitness world and realized when working at my fitness studio 12-14 hours a day and before and after my part time PTA job I was not able to be the mom I envisioned and that’s when I started moving my fitness business online after the birth of my second child in 2018 as I needed more time at home for my babies and family and have the ability to help empower more women live their best and healthiest lives!
I have been a Physical Therapist Assistant since 2009.
I have been a Yoli member since 2014 and I actively use Yoli products daily as nutritional supplements. I use the products for fuel and recovery before, during and after my fitness training workouts.
In 2011 I became a mom with my first born and felt all the emotions that came with preterm labor, the scary life flight to Sioux Falls, labor and delivery, baby in the NICU, and a body I did not recognize with an ab separation (diastasis recti). With all three of my pregnancies I developed diastasis recti and had to heal and recover from pelvic floor dysfunction with my last two pregnancies.
My Postpartum recovery changed everything for me. My purpose. My mission. My idea of being “fit”. And fitness in general. To continue my vision in helping other moms and moms-to-be restore their core and regain strength, function and confidence within their body.
I truly found my message in my own mess.
I realized quickly how unimportant a 6pack was and how damn important it is to be able to sneeze 3 times in a row or pick your baby up and not leak....
 The early Postnatal phase is one of the most vulnerable times in a woman’s life. Mommas need more. More support. More tools. More resources. More experts. 
My passion to heal my own body drove me to want to empower other mommas to feel confident in their own mom and moms-to-be bodies. And I’ve been helping women heal and increase their function in pelvic floor and cores ever since. I address full body strength, conditioning, posture and alignment because we are whole bodies!
I love what I do here. I love helping women gain their confidence back and loving their bodies again! Thank you for being here and I am happy you are all here to take control of your health and fitness and most importantly to regain strength, function and confidence in your body! 
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