Women's Health Core Recovery Program 

You + Core Recovery Program = everything you need to get started!


I believe that finding your strength and connection within your body will help you:

 -Become aware of your body mechanics and posture while feeding, carrying and holding your baby

-Help you heal and restore your core with confidence

-Prevent future pelvic floor dysfunction and leaks

-Return to exercise and the things you love doing again without the risk of injury

-Feel strong and balanced while doing mom life

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This 12 week program offers you private access to me as your coach. This program is a full body approach with a special focus on improving posture, alignment, breathing patterns, and core and pelvic floor strength. On-demand only with follow along videos.

Workout Equipment needed: mat, sturdy chair, dumbbells, long resistance band, loop band, 9 in. ball and foam roller (optional) All homework equipment I recommend you have can be found here https://kit.co/krystineernest


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You + Core Recovery Program = everything you need to get started!

 This program is designed to help the following:

  • Heal and manage diastasis recti
  • Fix incontinence
  • Improve posture and alignment
  • Build strength, function and confidence
  • Heal pelvic floor dysfunction (hypotonic and hypertonic)
  • Flatten your tummy and get rid of "mommy pooch"
  • Stop aches and pains from poor posture
  • Fix core dysfunction
  • Improve Abdominal definition

What you'll get:

  • 12 weeks of workouts + bonus workouts
  • Your personal account to access on-demand, follow along videos
  • Learn how to properly activate your core and pelvic floor
  • Diastasis, Posture and Rib Flare Assessments
  • Access to private Facebook group for community support
  • Access to health and fitness accountability challenge
  • Access to an exercise library  
  • Receive access to coach 
  • Nutritional, lifestyle and habit coaching
  • You will learn how to strengthen your core and pelvic floor, so you can enjoy the activities you love
  • Option to join Move Your Body Workouts after first month based on client progress


Whether you are a new momma or if your baby is 30+ years old this program is designed for you!

I'll show you how to strengthen you core and pelvic floor, so you can enjoy the activities you love.


In this Core Restore- Ab Recovery Program you'll learn:


#1 Most Effective Core Exercise

The goal is to help improve the efficiency of the Core Canister (Diaphragm, Core, and Pelvic Floor) and improve pelvic stability, strength and function to help you recover from pregnancy as you enter into a new phase of motherhood. 


Correct way to Breathe

All postpartum women should spend at least a little time on breathing re-education due to the effects of pregnancy. 


Proper Body Alignment

Pay attention to your posture and alignment with everyday activities of daily living whether sitting, lifting, carrying or standing. This will make a HUGE difference for you.  



Every womans body, pregnancy and delivery is different, so it's important not to compare yourself to anyone else. Your body knows exactly what it needs to recover.


What women are saying while going through my Women's Health Core Recovery Program...

  •  "It's been going really well. I can definitely feel it in my core when I focus on the breathing, and I almost feel like it's already getting tighter. I am really loving your program so far!!" - Betsy
  • " I love the core stuff.  Seriously feels like stomach is firmer." 


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